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Since I was very young, I have been interested in the network of roads that criscrosses America. The Internet serves as a vast resource for the road researcher, or "roadgeek."

I generally only photograph things that strike me as unusual. Typically I try to capture very old or erratic signs, in addition to signs that were made for a unique purpose, such as a very complicated interchange in an urban area. I avoid taking photos of run-of-the-mill stuff unless I want to document an area that has nothing but run-of-the-mill stuff. After all, if you've seen one U.S. highway marker, you've seen them all.

All images were created by Jake Wimberley. Images may not be reproduced on other sites without prior consent, but downloading images for personal use is permitted. Contact me if you would like to use an image on another site. In some cases I also have higher-resolution copies of images, or images that have not been cropped. Drop me a line if you are interested in these.

The feature pages feature icons that convey the subject of the image; click on the icons to see the photos. A list of pages follows:



General Highway Info
AA Roads features information for various types of highways in all regions of the nation.
US Highways is very thorough in its coverage of US routes of yesterday and today.
IHOZ (The International House of Zzyzx) has a neat repository of information on interstate highways.
Acme Mapper is actually a better version of Google Maps than the one at Google itself!

Other Regional Sites
Magnolia Meanderings - Mississippi and Alabama routes.
Roads of the Mid-South & West - A great site with lots of pictures, from many states in the Central and Eastern Time Zones.
Univ. of Alabama Highway Maps - Alabama, then and now. - Most states east of the Mississippi. Hockey too.
H.B. Elkins' Millennium Highway - Eastern Kentucky and surrounding areas. Roadgeekery - Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, et al.
Steve Alpert's Roads - Lots of good photos, especially from New England, but now spanning the globe!
The Texas Highwayman's Roads Pages - Texas and Germany.
Kentucky Roads
Virginia Highways
Georgia Highways

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