Jake Wimberley's License Plates

My Very First Plate?

This may have been the first plate I ever had to call my own. I can't remember exactly, but I am pretty sure this is how it all started. I found it in the woods behind my grandmother's house as a young child. I suppose it escaped someone's junk pile at some point.

Even if this is not actually my first plate, it is representative of most of the plates I found in my first few years of collecting: locally obtained, bent up. Nonetheless, it is one of my favorites even today. I do love a good bargain.

Tennessee was one of the many states that once assigned a number or other code to each county, and all license plates issued in that county incorporated the county number or county code into the serial (that is, the number on the plate that makes it unique). At the time this base (new plate issuance as opposed to distribution of renewal decals/stickers) was put into use, my home county of Henry was assigned 42. So I know it didn't travel too far to end up in the woods.

For more info on county codes see the County Hunting page, elsewhere on this site.

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