The Wimberleys' Magnets


This was my souvenir from seeing They Might Be Giants live. I sat in the balcony. They put on a great show, as I remember. I don't remember what songs they played, but I remember they played mostly newer songs, which isn't a bad thing except my favorites are all from their earlier albums. I was slightly disappointed toward the end of the show, not having heard enough of the classics. My mood improved when they played "Purple Toupee" in the encore.

The magnet is a parody of advertising magnets given out by maintenance services. The phone number shown formerly reached a real service offered by the band, Dial-A-Song. They (here, not a pronoun) started Dial-A-Song as a way to allow people to listen to samples of their music without buying a record, long before the Internet or iTunes. It was powered by an answering machine. The number remained in operation until fairly recently, sometime in the late '00s. I called the number a few times while it was still supposedly working, but never successfully heard anything; it was always either busy or would not answer. The band continues a similar service (podcasting) at

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