The Wimberleys' Magnets

EAA AirVenture

Oshkosh, Wisconsin, is probably best known for three things: overalls, heavy trucks, and AirVenture, the annual festival and airshow of the Experimental Aircraft Association, itself based in Oshkosh. We went for a day of the week-long event. I had heard people say it was an amazing experience, and indeed it was. It made me want to be a pilot.

Katie bought this magnet at a souvenir booth somewhere in the exhibitors' pavilion. I have a feeling its production was not sanctioned by the EAA, since it does not use the trademark AirVenture or the logo of the EAA. Nonetheless, it is a nice magnet. The photo is a bird's-eye view of the massive event taken with a fish-eye lens. I will call this type of photo an Asian carp photo.

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