CollectionsTrash to treasure

We accumulate a few things we have taken a shine to. Our collections are not very big, but what we lack in size, we definitely have in character. I don't think we are especially picky about the condition or value of the things we choose to collect, but everything we do have in our collections brings back a memory, or tells at least a boring story, if nothing especially exciting.

I am no photographer, nor do I have any fancy equipment--just a point-n-shoot. So forgive the poor focus or lighting in some of the photos of our junk.


Refrigerator magnets are usually a cheap non-tacky souvenir that serve as a conversation starter with guests. And of course, they spice up your kitchen decor and give you a way to post your grocery list.

License Plates

I have been fascinated by license plates since before I can remember. I started collecting in earnest in 1988. Presented here are selected plates from my collection, meant to show some of the finer points and areas of interest within the hobby.

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