As an avid collector of license plates (or "car tags" as a Southerner would say) and a computer geek, I was interested in building a database to store details of the tags in my collection. I built the database, no sweat, but inputting all the data was painfully time-consuming, and manually typing in queries was bothersome and presented the data in an ugly manner. I thus took the effort to build a tool to simplify the task of filling and querying the database, and TagMan was born.

The tool is written in Perl/Tk and interfaces with MySQL. For these reasons it is technically cross-platform, although so far I have only tested it under Linux. Collectors with computing skills are encouraged to test the system and provide feedback.

Download TagMan 0.9 here. It's freely released under the terms of the GNU GPL.

To see a database that was built with TagMan, visit my License Plates page.

In the near future I hope to develop a more Windows-friendly version of the TagMan system that will probably be more appealing to less skilled users. Stay tuned.


Main window, showing a new addition in progress


Query window, showing a wide array of plate data


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